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Minutes of Meeting, 18 March 2023


Welcome Margaret Morris (APG President)

OPENING PRAYER Fr John Armstrong (APG Spiritual Advisor)


THE PHILIPPINES: Conrado P Dizon (P); Goreth Z. Bendoy; Jose Hilario

SRI LANKA: Fr. Tony Martyn: Russell Juriansz (P)

VIETNAM: No representative,

VIETNAM in DIASPORA: Vincent Nguyen Manh Ha (P); John Paul Nghia Nguyen

AUSTRALIA: Anne Moloney (IR); Yvonne Carrigan, Terrie McLean

TAIWAN (R.O.C.); No representative


KOREA: Agatha Lee (IR)

APG Exec.: Margaret Morris (P); Fr John Armstrong; Peter McMahon; Rhonda Porteous;

Apologies:     Merran Martin; Fr Emil US Military Korea English


International Model for APG

President Margaret referred all present to the International Model explanation which all countries received last week, All countries were asked to discuss the three options for APG and to decide which option they prefer.

The three options and decisions by those countries present were

1.    The APG is disbanded and ceases to exist - none

2.    A country agrees to be the coordinating country of the APG and the Executive roles are filled by the country – Australia.

3.    A country agrees to be the coordinating country of the APG and the Executive is invited from different APG countries. Vietnam in Diaspora, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Korea, US Military in Korea (in correspondence).

As the modified Statute Article 7C calls for the coordinating country to be elected by an absolute majority of the National Secretariats it represents, it was declared that option 3 will be observed by the APG. However, Margaret is to contact Vietnam and Taiwan National Secretariats and ask for their decision.

After this decision was taken, it was announced that the Philippines has offered to be the coordinating country of the APG

Election of the APG Executive

Election of the APG Executive is to take place by email. Margaret called for nominations from countries for the various roles on the Executive.


         Conrado was nominated by the Philippines to be the President of APG. He Accepted.

         Sri Lanka not at this moment

         Vietnam in Diaspora, not today, will nominate 1 person after their meeting

         Australia no

         Korea no

Margaret said this Executive would send an email out to all APG countries advising that Conrado has nominated for President but we are looking for nominations for all other positions.

Ann (Australia) questioned the timeline for filling positions. Margaret responded that it was outlined by the OMCC Executive and was sent to all International Groups, that new coordinating countries be formalised by 31 March. The question then was what happens if it is not finalised by this time? The suggestion was to advise OMCC that a country has accepted nomination. Other details would be advised later.

Margaret is to contact countries not present with a request for any nominations.

Conrado then spoke saying the Philippines has accepted the nomination on the proviso that the Executive of the APG is drawn from other countries in the region.

Article 7A of the modified Statutes says The services of each International Group shall be provided by its own Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice President, Spiritual Advisor, Secretary, and Treasurer. This Committee is appointed by the National Secretariat of the country elected to be the coordinating country of the International Group.

Conrado then said the Philippines called for the appointment of the following:

         Vice President and Spiritual Advisor from Vietnam

         Secretary from the Philippines

         Treasurer from Taiwan

As we are the current APG until the new Executive is formed, we will write to Vietnam and Taiwan on behalf of the Philippines. Fr John is willing to advise on the processes and protocols on the new governance and help in overcoming obstacles.

In this letter Conrado asked for Margaret to include a request for Palanca as many prayers are needed for the process.

Fr John closed the meeting with prayer.

Dominic Thang Vien

Sống ở giây phút hiện tại ý thức có Chúa ở cùng. Present with God inner peace

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